Friday, January 10, 2014

We're Having A ...... ??!!!!!!!!!

So before I get into this whole big crazy announcement that everyone seems to look forward to most in pregnancies, let's back up a few days. Remember how I said in my last post that we were moving? Well that happened. And then if you're friends with me on facebook, I asked for prayers so the move day went smoothly with no injuries. Here I was thinking in my head that we needed prayers for the men doing the heavy lifting so no muscles would get pulled or backs thrown out. I was NOT expecting I'd need prayers for myself and my unborn child.

Everything was packed, we were loading ourselves in the cars and about to make the trip to MD. I had one last thing to grab out of the house and since Baby Dean was packed in the car and quickly falling asleep, I went in to grab our 'kee kee' (our cat Bella). As I head out to pack up and follow the truck to MD, I took one step on our sidewalk (which was nothing but ice, and I had been very careful on the whole day leading up to that point) and both feet flew out from under me. I landed flat on my back and tailbone. I had never felt pain like that before. For anyone that has been through childbirth, imagine the biggest, strongest contraction but it lasting for a solid 10 minutes with no break and all in your back/tailbone. I was thriving in pain, and quite frankly scared everyone who saw it (luckily Baby Dean slept through the whole ordeal). Once I gathered myself together, my husband helped me into the car and my MIL drove me and Baby Dean to our apartment. 

The whole car ride I was in some pretty bad pain but only in my tailbone. I did have cramping but none that hurt. I could feel it, but it wasn't painful. The day went on, I sat and watched as the men unloaded the truck and brought everything in. Once all was said and done my cramping had gotten more frequent and more painful, and I knew I wanted to ease my mind so I decided it was time to go get checked out. 
With flu and cold season in full swing, and a child that cannot get a flu shot, I knew the last thing I wanted was Baby Dean in a place where LOTS of sick people go. Dean was willing (and exhausted) so he stayed home while my very good friend took me to be checked out. After a run around at one place, we found ourselves at the hospital. Apparently telling the front door nurse that you are 17 weeks and having bad cramping will get you an express pass to L&D (cramping at this point had gotten much more frequent and painful). 

Upstairs, the nurse had me undress, give a urine sample, and answer some questions. First thing she did was try to find the baby's heartbeat using the fetal monitor. Now, those things are meant for full term, big babies, so I didn't really worry when she couldn't find anything. Next she pulled out the doppler. I was fully expecting her to find and hear the baby's heartbeat right away since just a week before it was so easy to hear with full clarity at my midwife appointment, but that didn't happen. She fished around for what seemed like forever and never heard a "definite" heartbeat. She kept finding mine instead and because my mind was racing, so was my heart. A sonogram was ordered, and the waiting game continued.

Finally the sonographer came and the fun began. As soon as she put the little stick on my stomach, there was my precious baby. Heart beating just as it should in the 140 range. The sonographer took all of the baby's measurements and said the baby was exactly measuring how it should. A little 7 ounce peanut that I had been worried about all day, was there waving. When I joked about finding out the sex, the sonographer said she could tell without a doubt and asked me if I wanted to know. So. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing 

Adelaide Carolyn Larue Pennington

Our first baby girl! I'm excited, Dean's excited (and a little scared, AND a little upset he just sold his shot gun) and our family is SO excited. 

Nothing relieved me more than actually seeing my little girl moving all around, punching and kicking (even though I can't feel it half the time) and already taking after her older brother with her hands all around her face.

The kids are going to be sharing a room while we live in this apartment, and I've gotten some funny looks about it, but I think it's weird people think it's weird when the kids are this young. Like, Baby Dean has no idea the differences in girls and boys yet, and by the time he does, we will be in our forever home. 

So, here we are. Week 2 of 2014, all moved into our apartment and knowing we have a little girl on the way in June. Dean and I will be heading to WV and our first home for the last time ever today. We go to closing at 4pm, and while it's definitely been a journey getting here, and we WILL miss our first home, we are excited to forever sever the ties to living so far away. It makes me really sad thinking that that isn't home anymore, and that the house we brought home Baby Dean to isn't ours any more, but it just means we are one step closer to finding a place to spend our forever in happily. 

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  1. Congrats boo...Yay for the little princess!! Where are you living now? I just moved back to MD too :)